Did Vick Really Play Prison Ball?

Did Vick Really Play Prison Ball?

Published April 11, 2008

Posted April 11, 2008 - Michael Vick didn’t make it to prison in time to play for the Leavenworth Pen. Officials at the federal lock-up refuted reports this week that the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback was throwing passes on its team.

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"It's not unheard of for inmates to toss around a football," spokeswoman Tracy Billingsley tells The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"But there just are no games until the fall." Falcons owner Arthur Blank has reported receiving letters from Vick, in which the convicted dog-fighter wrote that he “played quarterback for both sides" of an inmates’ game.

Vick’s serving a 23-month sentence after pleading guilty to funding illegal dog fights in Virginia.

Billingsley says the organized inmate football games are flag, not tackle.

Do you think Vick fibbed? If so, why?

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