Alleged Hatemonger is Nabbed

Alleged Hatemonger is Nabbed

Published April 14, 2008

Posted April 11, 2008 - Nobody hates on the brothers like David Tuason – especially if they’re sporting White women.

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Tuason, 46, got so angry every time he saw a Black man with a White woman that he’d deliver a death threat, even sending one to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

"CT" (Thomas) would be "castrated, shot or set on fire...I want him killed," Tuason allegedly said in a letter, which contained numerous other demeaning and violent remarks.

Tuason’s hate spree, according to a federal indictment handed down in Cleveland Wednesday, included some 200 letters and emails over the past two decades. Not only did he threaten to blow up the U.S. Supreme Court to get at Thomas, who is married to a White woman, but he also targeted high-profile White women who had relationships with Black men, as well as children of racially mixed parents, according to Acting U.S. Attorney William J. Edwards.

Among his many potential victims were an unnamed Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player and his family; a well-known Black singer, believed to be jazz vocalist Al Jarreau; the Kent State University women's basketball team; a high school track team in Mentor, Ohio, in May 2003; and a high school football team in Strongsville, Ohio, according to the indictment.

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