N.Y. Groper Could Get Life for Chronic Abuse

N.Y. Groper Could Get Life for Chronic Abuse

Published April 16, 2008

Posted April 16, 2008 – Talk about a sex addict. Freddie Johnson is such a sickie, according to New York Police, that he may get put away for life for fondling and groping women on crowded subways.

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When he has nabbed for allegedly rubbing up against a woman on a Manhattan train Monday, just two weeks after being released from prison, it was the 53rd time he was apprehended for the same thing, according to police.

The real issue, say critics, is how a repeat sex offender gets free over and over and over again, to perpetrate the exact same crime. But that may not be an issue any longer if he gets convicted again for “persistent sexual abuse,” which could land him in the slammer for life.

The 49-year-old ex-con has been “convicted at least twice within the last decade of persistent sexual abuse. And he has a lengthy rap sheet, with 30 arrests on charges of sex abuse, 13 on jostling accusations and two grand-larceny charges,” The New York Daily News reports.

Speaking to the newspaper in an interview from jail, Johnson said he never touched a woman in the most recent case. He was followed by two undercover officers who said they watched and waited for him to make his usual obscene move before pouncing.

Prosecutors contend that he was carrying a messenger bag over the front of his torso and slid it to the back to illegally rub up against the woman; he then moved the bag back to the front to avoid being caught, according to the News.

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