BET Founder Bob Johnson Keeps Up Heat On Obama

BET Founder Bob Johnson Keeps Up Heat On Obama

Published April 16, 2008

Posted April 16, 2008 – BET founder and billionaire Bob Johnson isn’t letting up the pressure on Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

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Johnson, a Hillary Clinton supporter, first drew attention during the presidential campaign by highlighting Obama’s drug use as a young man; he then warned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that well-healed Democratic insiders would cut off funding to the party if she uttered another hint that super-delegates should rally around the candidate with the most delegates (Obama).

And now, in an interview with The Charlotte Observer, Johnson says that former vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro was right in her racially charged comments that Obama would not be in this position if he was a White man.

"What I believe Geraldine Ferraro meant [is] if you take a freshman senator from Illinois called 'Jerry Smith,' and he says I'm going to run for president, would he start off with 90 percent of the Black vote? And the answer is, probably not. Would he also start out with the excitement of starting out as something completely different? Probably not. He would just be a freshmen senator .... Geraldine Ferraro said it right. The problem is Geraldine Ferraro is White. This campaign has such a hair-trigger on anything racial. It is almost impossible for anybody to say anything."

Many observers said that Ferraro’s comments were racist, noting that nobody ever ponders where most White politicians would be if they weren’t White.

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