Weekend Violence Explodes In Chi-Town

Weekend Violence Explodes In Chi-Town

Published April 21, 2008

Posted April 21, 2008 – Police are blaming a deadly mix of hot weather and tons of guns on the streets for the rash of shootings in Chicago over the weekend.

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By the time the gun smoke settled on Sunday, at least six people had been shot to death and another two dozen or more had been wounded, according to authorities. In one 17-hour spurt, ABC7 in Chicago reported, 18 shootings had occurred. Most of the bullets were spent in gang-related street wars.

"Crime breeds with warm weather. More people are outside. It's just a given we're going to see a little bit more activity," said Chicago Police spokeswoman Monique Bond. But, police say that murders are down about 1 percent, as are rapes (14 percent) over last year this time; still robberies are up 16 percent.

More than 80 percent of the murders in the Windy City are caused by guns, police say; 30 percent were gang-related; 15 percent began as a robbery; and 11 percent involved domestic disputes. Nearly three-quarters of the murder victims had been arrested before and virtually everybody (97 percent) arrested for murder had a criminal past.

Chicago Police believe that if people called police when they suspected criminal behavior, it would help clean up crime.

"What neighbors can do is they have info about gangs or other suspicious activities or people with guns, they should call 911, call the police," Bond said.

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