Teen Forces Senile Woman To Make ‘Gangsta’ Video

Teen Forces Senile Woman To Make ‘Gangsta’ Video

Published April 24, 2008

Posted April 24, 2008 – A Florida teen is facing charges of elder abuse after police claim he made his senile, 85-year-old grandma become a "gangsta" granny.

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Authorities say 18-year-old Michael Alfine placed a black ski mask over his grandmother’s face and made her hold a handgun and shout out curse words for a video he made.  In the video, the woman, who seemed to be disoriented, is seen pointing a gun at the camera and threatening to shoot "all the pigs." 

According to the parents, they had no idea of the video, were shown only a few seconds of it by deputies and said it was simply a joke.

"I'm devastated because he's never been arrested before," his mother, Michelle Alfinez told reporters. It's lies," says Raymond Alfinez. "That's his grandmother, he doesn't abuse her he loves her," says Michelle.

Alfine is charged with abusing an elderly person, discharging a firearm in public and improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon. The video was seized during a January traffic stop. The teen's mother says it's all just a misunderstanding.

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