Clinton Says Enough Rev. Wright, Already

Clinton Says Enough Rev. Wright, Already

Published May 6, 2008

Posted May 6, 2008 – Even Hillary Clinton, who watched her poll numbers climb as Barack Obama struggled to free himself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright muck, is tired of all the attention on her rival’s controversial ex-pastor.

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“We should definitely move on,” Clinton said Sunday, responding to a question from an audience member on “This Week,” an ABC television program. “We should move on because there’re so many important issues facing our country that we have to attend to.”

Wright, who headed Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ for nearly four decades, has owned the top spot on most political news programs since going on a whirlwind media tour in recent days, during which he reiterated some of his most controversial comments. After initially refusing to repudiate the minister, Obama kicked him to the curb in a nationally televised news conference last week. 

Clinton has said that, unlike Obama, she would have left Wright’s church.

During his 16 years as Obama’s pastor, Wright married Barack and Michelle, and baptized their children.

When George Stephanopoulos, host of “This Week,” pressed Clinton on whether the Wright debacle was fair game in trying to persuade the super-delegates to choose her over Obama, she said, “Well, people talk about it. There’s no doubt they talk about it.  But what people I think are more interested in is what we would do and what kind of president we would be.”

Polls show that Clinton gained on Obama largely because voters raised questions about his judgment given his longtime relationship with Wright.

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