Alabama State University Must Face NCAA Accusations

Alabama State University Must Face NCAA Accusations

Published May 12, 2008

Posted May 12, 2008 – A university founded by nine former slaves has been accused of at least 668 violations in four sports, according a newspaper.

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The Montgomery Advertiser reports that historically Black Alabama State University has been charged by the NCAA with changing athletes’ grades without the knowledge of instructors, improperly providing money and lodging for players and allowing at least one party attended by athletes, where a stripper performed, among other infractions.

About 500 of the accusations pertain to football team violations. None of the coaches or athletic department staff at the school during the five-year investigation period remains, a lawyer for Alabama says.

"I don't have any comment about it," says L.C. Cole, an ex-football coach charged with five violations. “I’ve moved on and whatever comes out of it comes out of it.”

Cole now coaches in the Canadian Football League. Alabama will go before an NCAA committee to face the accusations in early August.

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