War of Words Continues Between King’s Kids

War of Words Continues Between King’s Kids

Published July 22, 2008

Posted July 22, 2008 – In the latest verbal volley between the children of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Martin III and Bernice King said that they had to sue Dexter King in order to preserve their father’s legacy and the family estate.

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"We love our brother, yet we cannot ignore our responsibility to ensure that the corporation we are all shareholders and directors of is properly managed," they told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution through a statement from their attorney, Josh Smith. "Our right to obtain corporate documents that we have personally requested in the past few years, and more recently in the lawsuit that we have filed, have been continuously ignored.”

The July 10 lawsuit alleges that Dexter, who is president and CEO of Inc., pocketed money from the estate of their late mother, Coretta Scott King, and mishandled the funds of the corporation. Dexter denies the charges and produced documents to the Journal-Constitution last week showing equal disbursements to each of the three surviving children.

"At the end of the day, I love my siblings and my family, but they have chosen the low road, to use personal vindictiveness ... to [address issues] that I am certain can be resolved otherwise," Dexter King said. Counter Bernice and Martin III: "It is unfortunate that our brother continues to use the media to attack our character and expose personal business transactions," Martin III and Bernice said. "In spite of these efforts, we will remain on the high road and approach this difficult matter with dignity and respect."

Dexter said he only spoke to the media to challenge charges "of being a thief."

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