Black Doll Head Spotted White Cops' Car Antenna

Black Doll Head Spotted White Cops' Car Antenna

Published July 25, 2008

Posted July 25, 2008 – Dozens of African-American leaders turned out at a rally in Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park Thursday to denounce two White New York Police officers who rode around town with the head of a Black baby doll impaled on the antenna of their unmarked car.

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"When you talk about the young people that are here today, and the message that is being sent to them when they see this,” said Manhattan Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, NY1 News reports, “they see the lack of serious attention that is given by the city is not really something I want to be party to."

State Senator Bill Perkins, who reported the incident to police earlier in the week, was outraged that police officials suggested someone likely had stuck the head there as a prank. "That is what you call a classic case of blaming the victim,” said Perkins. “A classic case of being dismissive about an offense that would in other circumstances warrant the dismissal of a police officer."

He said that residents told him they tried to capture the offensive object, but a plainclothes officer emerged from the car and took it down.

"They approached the car and asked why they had a Black baby doll head on the top of their car. The guys laughed it off and disposed of it inside their trunk," said witness Desiree Murray. "Then after that, that's when all the commotion came about. You know, the community was very upset, because we do have to live here."

Commissioner Ray Kelly said police are investigating surveillance videotape to see if can find out who the culprit is. However, he said, "They didn't know it was there. They had no knowledge of it. The car pulls up in front of a restaurant, in which there was some type of opening celebration. Someone points out to this officer – and he had been at the club before, no one saw any doll head on the car – pointed out to him that this doll head is on the antenna. He sees it, takes it and throws it away."

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