Atlantic City Revs Up for Yet Another High-Profile Scandal

Atlantic City Revs Up for Yet Another High-Profile Scandal

Published July 25, 2008

Posted July 25, 2008 – There’s one thing you can bet on in Atlantic City: political unrest.

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While ex-Mayor Robert Levy is scheduled to be sentenced in a federal court today for cheating Uncle Sam out of thousands in veterans’ benefits, many residents argue that Blacks involved in a sex video blackmail case are getting much harsher treatment than their White co-defendant, a city councilman.   After having Levy’s face plastered on the news for several months, Atlantic City residents are more than happy to see this unfortunate chapter come to a close.

But the case involving City Councilman John Schultz and several Black cohorts is far juicier and stands to keep the AC on the front page for many months to come.

Shultz and his co-defendants have been charged with luring African-American Councilman Eugene Robinson (pictured above) to a motel room and filming him having sex with a prostitute in an attempt to blackmail him into resigning. However, the plot backfired when Robinson decided to take his lumps and called authorities.

Schultz allegedly referred former Council President Craig Callaway to someone who could help edit the videotape. By the time Shultz contacted Callaway, Callaway already had pleaded guilty to unrelated bribery charges and was about to start a 40-month prison stint. Schultz, on the other hand, “has applied to enter the state's pretrial intervention program, which lets nonviolent first-time offenders complete a period of supervision while avoiding a criminal conviction,” FOX News reports. Schultz would not even have to give up his council seat if accepted into the program.

Prosecutors offered to let Craig Callaway plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit invasion of privacy, and be sentenced to as long as four years in prison, but he rejected the deal, according to FOX.

Blacks in Atlantic City see a double standard.

"Everyone else in the case of African-American descent is being treated differently," Steve Young, an official with the local NAACP, told FOX. "It shouldn't matter how much you pay your lawyer or what color you are: right is right, and wrong is wrong. This is selective prosecution of African-Americans in our community, and it's a slap in our face."

Callaway's brothers, Ronald and David, and friend Floyd Tally, are also charged in the case.

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