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Kwame Kilpatrick Accused of Shoving Sheriff's Officer at Sister's Home

Kwame Kilpatrick Accused of Shoving Sheriff's Officer at Sister's Home

Published July 28, 2008

Posted July 25, 2008 – Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has potentially added new problems to his list of felony charges stemming from a perjury case: A Wayne County sheriff's deputy says the mayor assaulted him Tuesday while the deputy and an investigator were trying to serve a warrant.

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Brian White alleges that he went to the home of Ayanna Kilpatrick, the mayor's sister, seeking a relative of her husband's who'd been named in the court order. The 20-year veteran of the sheriff's office says he and his investigator were met by a hostile mayor, who's already under legal restrictions due to multiple counts of allegedly lying under oath and abuse of office.   White says Kilpatrick yelled and shoved him into his investigator, but instead of arresting Kilpatrick, White reported the incident to his superiors.

Michigan State Police have been handed the investigation, so county officials can avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest while Kilpatrick's ongoing court proceedings are handled by county prosecutors.

The mayor is due in court today to learn whether 200 text messages pertaining to his alleged affair with ex-chief of staff Christine Beatty will be made public.

Kilpatrick allegedly punished ex-cops whose investigation could've led to evidence of the relationship, and was subsequently accused of numerous legal improprieties. Of the alleged shoving incident, Kilpatrick's criminal lawyer says the mayor only asked White to leave and gently escorted him away from the house.

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