Kindler, Gentler Klan? Not

Kindler, Gentler Klan? Not

Published August 12, 2008

Posted Aug. 5, 2008 – The Ku Klux Klan in the tiny central-east Texas town of Lufkin will hold a cross-burning this September “to honor Jesus Christ.”

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Officials of the White supremacist branch, the United White Knights, say that its members are not hatemongers but "God-fearing moral men and women” working “for survival of the White race." And the Sept. 20 Klan rally has nothing to do with hate, officials say.

"This is for White Christians of the South Alliance only! No drugs, alcohol or firearms allowed! Offensive language will not be tolerated! Any person not able to abide by these requests will be asked to leave the area!" the site stated.

Its Web site,, reads, "We do not promote illegal activities in any form. We are not a hate group. We oppose criminal activities being committed period."
But the Southern Poverty Law Center says don’t be fooled by the softy language of the United White Knights, which has among its major initiatives the re-segregation of the U.S. school system, the discouragement of interracial relationships and vigilante actions against undocumented Latino workers.

"Although Black Americans have typically been the Klan's primary target, it also has attacked Jews, immigrants, homosexuals and, until recently, Catholics.

Over the years since it was formed in December 1865, the Klan has typically seen itself as a Christian organization, although in modern times Klan groups are motivated by a variety of theological and political ideologies," according to the law center’s Intelligence Project.

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