Gary Coleman Allegedly Hits Man With His Truck

Gary Coleman Allegedly Hits Man With His Truck

Published September 8, 2008

Posted Sept. 8, 2008 – Police are investigating a weekend incident during which former “Diff’rent Strokes” TV star Gary Coleman allegedly struck a man with his truck after an argument.

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Coleman’s bodyguard tells TV station KABC that Colt Rushton, 24, asked Coleman to take his photo at a Utah bowling alley, but Coleman said no.   The bodyguard – who it seems might be due for replacement – says Rushton kept harassing Coleman until the actor struck Rushton when the man darted behind Coleman’s truck as he was leaving.

But Rushton tells cops that Coleman’s wife took the cell phone he’d hoped to use to take the photo. Rushton adds that Coleman threw several punches at him and backed into him with the truck while Rushton was just trying to get back his phone.

The fan was treated at a hospital and released. No charges have been filed yet.

The actor has had at least one other high-profile run-in with a fan when he was working as a store security guard.

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