Online Fundraiser for Detroit Mayor Is Bogus

Online Fundraiser for Detroit Mayor Is Bogus

Published September 9, 2008

Posted Sept. 9, 2008 – Beware, if you were planning to send a donation to help Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pay off his court-ordered $1 million restitution.  

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Someone has set up a special Web site, purportedly to collect contributions for the disgraced mayor, who was sentenced to four months in prison and five years probation, in addition to the fine and his forced resignation. But a spokesman for Kilpatrick says that hizzoner is not connected to the site in any way.

“That Web site is not authorized by the mayor, nor anyone associated with him," James Canning told The Associated Press. "It is a fake, and we strongly encourage supporters of Mayor Kilpatrick not to contribute to the site."

The misspellings and bad grammar were a couple of clues that was less than authentic. Created Saturday, the site prompted unwary supporters to donate in increments of $5, $1,000 and $5,000 to erase the mayor’s bill.  A blaring headline read: "SUPPORT KWAME KILPATRICK 2014 FOR MAYOR OF DETROIT – TOGETHER WE CAN BRING HIM BACK." 

There is no mayoral election in 2014.

"As you know Kwame Kilpatrick (Mayor of Detroit) was given un unfair shake by city council, he still has many supporters that want to see him move this city forward and make a comeback in 2014," the Web site read. "Ever sense he was a young boy he always wanted to be the Mayor of Detroit when we finally got the job he was the only Mayor that brought great things for the city. His dreams were taken away from him by Wayne County prosecutor Kim Worthy and Governor Grandholm."

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