Former Super Bowl Star Gets Seven Years in Prison

Former Super Bowl Star Gets Seven Years in Prison

Published September 18, 2008

Posted Sept. 16, 2008 – Mark Ingram, a former New York Giants wide receiver who starred in the 1991 Super Bowl, will spend the next seven and a half years behind bars for his latest crime spree that includes money laundering and bank fraud.

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On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Denis R. Hurley told the 42-year-old miscreant that he would also pay $252,000 in restitution and face five years of probation once he gets out. He is to begin serving his sentence on Dec. 5.

Ingram was actually convicted three years ago – for laundering money he apparently earned from drug deals and for cashing counterfeit checks after being caught in an FBI sting – but he had been as masterful at delaying his sentencing as he was eluding tacklers during his career with the Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Among his legal shenanigans, Ingram fired several of his court-appointed attorneys, The Associated Press reported. Prosecutors accused him of presenting “outlandish” defenses, including arguments that he was immune from prosecution because he was protected as a head of state, according to AP.

During his sentencing, Ingram told Hurley that his 23 years of criminal activity – this prison stint marks his third since retiring in 1996 –is “not who I am. It hurts me to my core … I made mistakes.” He reminded the court of his work counseling disaffected youths and supporting various charities, and he told the judge that he realizes that as a high-profile celebrity he has a responsibility to set an example. But, while recognizing Ingram’s “dedication and commitment” during his playing days, Hurley chided the former star for his criminal antics.

“He is like many of us, multifaceted,” the judge said in punishing Ingram with 92 months in the slammer up to five years of probation.

During Super Bowl XXV, Ingram showed out. In one particularly stellar moment, he juked five would-be tacklers to earn a key first down en route to a 1-point defeat of the Buffalo Bills.

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