Sixth-Grader Gets Suspended for His Obama T-Shirt

Sixth-Grader Gets Suspended for His Obama T-Shirt

Published September 24, 2008

Posted Sept. 24, 2008 – He wore an Obama T-shirt to school and was given the ultimatum to either change his shirt, turn it inside out or be kicked out of school.

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Daxx Dalton, an 11-year-old, sixth-grader in Colorado, took the suspension, saying his first amendment rights were being trampled. 

On a day when students were asked to show their patriotism by wearing, red, white and blue, Dalton, pictured above with his father, wore a homemade shirt that read "Obama is a terrorist's best friend."

Dalton's father, who was upset by the school's action, said the school made a mistake when it suspended his son for the shirt.  "It's the public school system," Dalton says. "Let's be honest, it's full of liberal loons." 

The school said it, "Respects a student's right to free speech, but administrators told that they review any situation that interrupts the learning environment. 

According to Aurora Public Schools, Daxx screamed and argued loudly with students on the playground before school. The discussion continued in math class and disrupted learning, according to the district.

A release by the district cites that the school system's dress code outlined in the parent/student handbook, which state, "Any type of attire which attracts undue attention to the wearer, and thus causes a disturbance to the educational process is in bad taste and not acceptable."

APS says Daxx's sister wore a shirt with an anti-Obama message that did not disrupt learning. The district says other students have worn shirts for both presidential candidates that also have not caused disruptions.

"We respect, and I repeat, the free speech rights of our students. We also respect the right of all students to learn without interruption," Superintendent John Barry said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. "We not only have the right and the responsibility to uphold freedom of speech, we also have the right and responsibility to uphold an environment of learning."

The boy's father says he intends to pursue a lawsuit against the school district.

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