Man Falls To His Death After Being Tasered By Police

Man Falls To His Death After Being Tasered By Police

Published September 26, 2008

Posted Sept. 26, 2008 – A distraught Brooklyn man fell 10-feet to his death after a New York Police officer used a Taser gun to get him off a building ledge.

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According to The Associated Press, 35-year-old Inman Morales, who was naked, hit the pavement head-first after an officer fired a five second jolt of 50,000 volts of electricity immobilizing him.

Witnesses told AP  that Morales had been talking about killing himself. They said when officers arrived on the scene, he ran out to his third-floor apartment naked, climbed down to a ledge and started taking jabs at the officers with an 8-foot-long fluorescent light.

Officers reportedly radioed in for an inflatable bag, but by the time it arrived, it was too late.

"They didn't try to brace his fall. They did nothing. I've seen a lot of things in my time. But what they did was wrong," Kirk Giddens, Morales' neighbor, told the Daily News.

Morales's mother was standing just a few yards away when her son fell, WCBSTV in New York reports. According to other family members, she called police because her son had a chemical imbalance and she believed he was suffering from a bad reaction to medication.

"He wasn't hurting anybody, witness Racquel McDonald told the TV station. "They could have just grabbed him and bring him down, but they tased him instead and he fell to his death and it was real wrong."

The cop who used a the Taser violated police department guidelines. He was stripped his badge and gun and place on desk duty.

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