One Little Letter Creates a Campus Storm

One Little Letter Creates a Campus Storm

Published September 29, 2008

Posted Sept. 29, 2008 – “Linch” might have sounded like “lynch,” but it was supposed to say “lunch,” the president of Des Moines Area Community College in Iowa asserted Monday in trying to relieve concerns about a “typo” in the school handbook.

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The entry, which appeared in the Feb. 16, 2009 calendar entry in the guide, was supposed to read, “Black History Lunch and Learn" – NOT "Black History Linch and Learn" – according to campus President Rob Denson.

Unfortunately, he said, the handbook was distributed to 10,000 students before his office got wind of the typo. He said that stickers are available to cover the misstep, and noted that the book will be reprinted in the spring.


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