World Food Program To Cut Back on Food Aid to HIV Positive

World Food Program To Cut Back on Food Aid to HIV Positive

Published September 30, 2008

Posted Sept. 30, 2008 – The World Food Program will have to cut back on aid to HIV-positive people in Uganda because funds are decreasing, reports The Monitor.

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The cuts are expected to hit 1.5 million people, not including the children currently receiving food from the school-feeding program.

The organization will keep providing aid to people in the nation who are HIV-positive, but they should be in certain categories (like new moms and their babies, and some homeless people). Stanlake Samkange, the charity’s Ugandan representative, said if more money came their way they would be “happy to help” those who needed it. But he doesn’t want the group to promise aid when it isn’t sure it can provide it.

A spokesman for the government’s AIDS Commission also stated that aid received from the program was never meant to be permanent anyway and that a replacement would need to be found soon so the needy won’t suffer.

 AIDS activists, of course, are not happy with the program’s announcement. One advocate said the patients are especially vulnerable. “They are not strong enough to engage in agriculture to feed themselves,” he said.

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