Farrakhan Breaks Silence About Obama

Farrakhan Breaks Silence About Obama

Published November 11, 2008

Posted Nov. 11, 2008 – Breaking months of silence about the presidential race, National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Sunday that God has prepared Sen. Barack Obama for the challenges he'll face as president. 

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He added that Obama will be able to make positive changes with "God and people of good will," and he urged his followers to do their part, reports The Associated Press.

"President-elect Obama has energized all segments of the depressed, downtrodden, rejected and despised," he said in a 90-minute speech at Mosque Maryam on the city's South Side. "Now it is up to us to take the new energy that he has given us ... and channel that energy into making ourselves better."

Farrakhan, who said Obama draws a "oneness of spirit" from all people, admitted he stayed quiet about his support for Obama during the past few months out of fear his words would harm the Illinois senator's bid for the White House.

"For nine months, I kept quiet because I saw that the good words that I spoke about this beautiful young man at our Saviours' Day convention and the way they were misused," Farrakhan said of Obama. "I decided it would be better for me to just be quiet rather than be drawn into the controversy that was swirling around his pastor [the Rev. Jeremiah Wright], Father Pfleger and others."

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