Obama and McCain On the Same Team?

Obama and McCain On the Same Team?

Published November 18, 2008

Posted Nov. 18, 2008 – President-elect Barack Obama and his former rival, Republican Sen. John McCain, met Monday in a 40-minute session at Obama's transition headquarters in Chicago and discussed where they could work together to better America, according to press reports.

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In their fist meeting since their bitter face-off during the presidential race in which Obama was the victor, McCain and Obama took a step toward mending fences in the latest effort by the president-elect to seek help from his former rivals.

On Thursday, he quietly met with Sen. Hillary Clinton, his toughest rival for the Democratic nomination and now a possible choice for secretary of State.

As speculation mounts as to whether Obama will pluck Clinton as the face he puts on his foreign policy, those close to the process say the president-elect plans on waiting to see whether the business and financial relationships of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, would pose a conflict of interest for Clinton before he makes any formal offers.

McCain's meeting with Obama however, was less secretive and aides to both men said no Cabinet post is in the works for the 78-year-old Arizona senator. Obama has said he plans to invite at least one Republican to join his Cabinet.

Aides familiar with Monday's meeting said the two men spoke of working together on a number of issues, including comprehensive immigration revisions, which McCain helped to spearhead in the Senate in 2006. They also discussed the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, which both men have criticized and Obama has vowed to close.

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