Rev. Jackson is Concerned Over Bush’s Orders

Rev. Jackson is Concerned Over Bush’s Orders

Published November 19, 2008

Posted Nov. 18, 2008 – President Bush's executive orders could hamper those of incoming President Barack Obama, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said Sunday.

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"Bush is signing away consumer and environmental laws. I mean they're running amok, you know," Jackson said of the Bush administration's final months in office.

Some Democrats in Congress have criticized several federal regulations enacted in the waning months of the Bush administration and are discussing whether some should be repealed when President-elect Barack Obama takes office in January.Obama has the prerogative of resending or relaxing his predecessor's orders.

But Jackson, a civil rights leader and former presidential hopeful, has criticized not just the presidential orders but actions by Congress, such as the federal bailout of the financial industry and has called for the outgoing president to help the ailing automotive industry.

"It's a huge economic crisis being compounded by this sense of ideology," Jackson said after delivering a sermon at Bethel AME church in Baltimore.

Jackson, who won several state primaries as a Democrat in the 1984 and 1988 presidential races, said his relationship with Obama is a "great one." Jackson apologized to Obama earlier this year for a crude comment in which he said the Illinois senator appeared to be talking down to Black Americans. Jackson said the comments were private and he didn't know they were being recorded. Jackson's son later said he was disappointed by his father's "reckless statements."

In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press Sunday, Rev. Jackson also said the Bush administration hasn't done enough to help troubled homeowners. He added that it will be difficult to see any financial benefit from pulling troops out of Iraq because no-bid contracts will have America financially tied up with supporting Iraq for years. 

"So even if you pulled every soldier out you would still be paying billions a month more for some time to come," he said.

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