An 'Angel' Saves a Father's Life

An 'Angel' Saves a Father's Life

Published December 4, 2008

Posted Dec. 4, 2008 – Walter Wilson says his little “angel” saved his life on Tuesday when a bullet raced through a Kansas City bus, nearly hitting him.

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“I thought it was somebody throwing something at the bus and the glass had broken," Wilson told The Associated Press. "Then I looked up and saw the hole and was like 'Whoa.'"

Seconds before the shooting, Wilson bent down to pick up his sleeping daughter. The bullet pierced the bus and grazed his head, leaving him with only a minor injury, AP reports.

"All of a sudden we hear a boom, and I was bending over to pick her up and a bullet; I felt it hit me right here and I hunched over. If I had been sitting up it would have hit me in the middle of the forehead," said Wilson.

No one else was hurt, including the baby's mother sitting next to them. Their daughter didn't even wake up. Wilson says his daughter lived up to her name. "In this case she's my angel because had I not been bending over to pick her up the bullet could've got me somewhere (in my forehead)," Wilson said.

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