Jealousy Blamed in Hudson Family Murders

Jealousy Blamed in Hudson Family Murders

Published December 5, 2008

Posted Dec. 5, 2008 – A prosecutor said that Jennifer Hudson's brother-in-law killed three of her relatives — with a gun stolen from one of the victims — because he was angry his estranged wife, the singer's sister, was dating another man.

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William Balfour was denied bond when he appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday in connection with the deaths. His attorney argued authorities that there’s  have enough forensic evidence to link Balfour to the killings, but prosecutors said witness statements and the suspect's own lies and threats lead them to him.

Balfour was charged with murder Tuesday after being held for weeks on a parole violation.

Prosecutor LuAnn Snow described how Balfour allegedly killed his 7-year-old stepson, Julian King, Hudson's mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson and Hudson's brother, Jason Hudson. Snow said Balfour had been at the Hudson's South Side Chicago home early Oct. 24 and confronted his estranged wife, Julia Hudson, about a birthday present he believed she had received from a boyfriend.

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