Shoe Store Prints “N”-Word on Customer’s Receipt

Shoe Store Prints “N”-Word on Customer’s Receipt

Published December 30, 2008

A 22-year-old college student in a Kansas City neighborhood discovered that a department store had printed “dumb ni**er” on his receipt after he returned a pair of shoes.

Keith Slater Jr. of Overland Park had made his purchase at Journey’s shoe store but saw the identical pair for less at another store, so he returned the pricier pair.

Later that night, KMBC-TV reports, as he was reviewing the receipt, he noticed the racial slur under the customer category.

“When he showed me that receipt, I couldn’t believe it; he couldn’t believe it; none of us could get any sleep,” said Keith’s mother, Linda Slater. Said Keith Slater Sr., “The first thing the store should do is fire that employee.”

KBMC said that store officials were unwilling to discuss how the matter was handled. Keith Slater Jr. had returned to college and was unavailable for comment, the TV station said.

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