Jena 6 Teen Shoots Himself

Jena 6 Teen Shoots Himself

Published December 30, 2008



Two years after he and his co-defendants drew national attention after they were charged with assaulting a white high school student after following a series of  racial incidents, Mychal, like Plaxico Burress before him, found himself in a hospital bed with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


A week after being arrested on shoplifting, battery and resisting arrest charged for shoplifting from a local department store, Bell accidentally shot himself in the shoulder while cleaning his own gun.  According to Monroe, LA police, the wound was not life-threatening.  The shoplifting and assault charges stemmed from an illegal spree Bell and a partner were caught in the middle of by Pecanland Mall security on Christmas Eve.  No additional charges have been filed against Bell for the shooting incident.  

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