Plaxico Burress Faces New Legal Charges

Plaxico Burress Faces New Legal Charges

Published December 30, 2008


Already facing charges for popping a cap in his own leg with a 40-caliber Glock, New York Giants' star Plaxico Burress is facing fresh charges from an unrelated event.

A 27-year-old Florida woman, Alise Smith, says she suffered neck and back injuries when Burress slammed into her 1997 Ford Probe with his $140,000 Mercedes Benz.

Burress was driving on an expired insurance policy.

"She's got a couple of herniated discs, which she's still being treated for," Smith's attorney, Adam Dougherty said yesterday, adding that his client's medical bills have surpassed $16,000.

"We always try to resolve these things before we have to litigate the cases," Dougherty added. "Unfortunately, we have not had any fruitful attempts of resolving this case with Mr. Burress."

Burress was reportedly driving in the Florida suburb of Tamarac near Ft. Lauderdale.

Written by News Staff


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