You Want a Divorce? I Want My Kidney Back!

You Want a Divorce? I Want My Kidney Back!

Published January 8, 2009

A New York man is battling for custody from his wife.  But it isn’t  just for his kids.  He also wants his kidney back.

Dr. Richard Batista gave his is soon-to-be ex-wife, Dawnell, a kidney back in 2001 after two previous failed transplants. But now, the 49-year-old surgeon says he wants it back because she cheated on him and filed for divorce.

Batista says his ex's alleged affair repaid his kindness by putting "a hole in my heart that still exists," the "New York Daily News" reported.

"There's no deeper pain you can ever express than to be betrayed by the person you devoted your life to," he told reporters. "I saved her life but the pain is unbearable."

Batista says if giving back his kidney isn't convenient for her, he'll settle for $1.5 million in compensation.

"As part of the litigation we are asking for the value of the kidney that he gave his wife," said the vascular surgeon's lawyer Dominic Barbara. "In theory we are asking for the return of the kidney. Of course, he wouldn't really ask for that, but the value of it. This has never been done before in the State of New York." 

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