Cowboys Send ‘Pacman’ Packing

Cowboys Send ‘Pacman’ Packing

Published January 8, 2009

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones – who was arrested six times and involved in 12 incidents requiring the cops over the past three years – finally ran out of chances.

The D-back with nine lives is officially Dead in Dallas after failing to deliver the lowly Cowboys to the promised land – Tampa – the home of this year’s Super Bowl.

After one season, owner Jerry Jones, known for taking chances with the delinquents of the league (i.e., the quarterback-stabbing Terrell Owens and Pro-Bowl urinator Charles Haley), sent Pacman packing. That’s not to say he’s done in the NFL, however.

"He is young. He has a lot of ability, and he is eager to get back on the field," said Worrick Robinson, Pacman Jones' attorney.

Even though Pacman Jones had been suspended indefinitely after constant off-field scrapes, Jerry Jones took the gamble and brought him in anyway. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ultimately gave him another chance, clearing him to play for the 2008 season. But it wasn’t long before the volatile baller was suspended again – this time for six games after his involvement in a late-night scuffle with his own security detail.

Sealing his fate, Pacman’s performance on the field was just as shaky as his off-field behavior. He was mediocre on defense and special teams: 4.5 yards per punt return, zero interceptions. 

"He was surprised, and I think he was obviously somewhat hurt," said Robinson. "At the same time, he understands the business behind what is happening here."

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