Video Games for Blacks by Blacks Are Coming to a Store Near You

Video Games for Blacks by Blacks Are Coming to a Store Near You

Published January 9, 2009

For the many African American gamers looking games for them by them, you’ll get your wish in 2009.   The Austin, Texas-based Heatwave Interactive is putting together a dream team of game developers, producers and designers and to create games of all kinds for the urban and mainstream markets.  But with so many game developers in the marketplace today, what makes Heatwave so special?

Founded by gamesmaster Anthony Castoro (who has worked on game titles for Sony, EA and Codemasters) and entrepreneur Don Clendenon, the company seeks to “revolutionize the entertainment landscape by creating innovative cross-media properties for gaming, music, film and television.

“We’ve taken on the film mode of doing business,” says game producer Mykel Mitchell, who moved to Heatwave’s Austin headquarters to begin work on the some of the company’s many projects.  “Typically gaming companies get investors to create a game and when it’s done they have to start over from scratch in terms of getting money to do the next game.  Our staff and operations are fully-funded we can go out and come up with an idea for a game, and hire a developer to work with a structure that we create.”

Set to make some serious noise in the Spring of ’09 with the announcement of their first product launches, Heatwave has already assembled a team of decorated veterans who have worked on more than 200 shipped gaming titles in total. 

“We’re hiring the crème de la crème,” Mitchell adds. “Everyone who came to us really liked the concept of the company.

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Written by <P>By Kenji Jasper</P>


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