Notorious Star Jamal “Gravy” Woolard Goes to Court Jan. 29

Notorious Star Jamal “Gravy” Woolard Goes to Court Jan. 29

Published January 22, 2009

Jamal “Gravy” Woolard is riding a wave a fame as star of the box office hit “Notorious,” a biopic on the life of rap great Notorious B.I.G.

But as audiences relive the trials and triumphs of the rapper’s life through Woolard’s performance, the rapper an ordeal of his own.  On Jan. 29, he will appear in court on misdemeanor charges of assault, menacing and harassment.

According to NYPD records, Woolard was arrested Sept. 14 he after a fight with his wife of seven months at the time, Trina Younger.

 Details of their scrap are sketchy but the New York Post reports Woolard slapped Younger during an argument sparked by him coming home late. The report says Younger dared Woolard to slap her – and he did.

"She wouldn't stop pushing me, so I snuffed her," the police report quotes Woolard.

"I know he wouldn't hit her," said Roslyn Younger, the actor's mother-in-law to E! Online. "He's not like that. Most definitely, they have a good relationship. That's impossible. I think it's made up. He's a loving husband, and I never heard of anything like that before in my life."

Written by From Staff & Wire Services


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