Obama Insists on Keeping Blackberry

Obama Insists on Keeping Blackberry

Published January 23, 2009


Despite Secret Service warnings of hacker attacks and the fact that the President’s e-mails are subject to the Presidential Records Act, President Barack Obama has decided to hold on to his Blackberry.


The White House says the President’s blackberry will be fitted with enhanced security and encryption and the device’s address will be only given to senior advisors and very close friends.


In a press conference yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, some of the President’s personal e-mails will be exempt from the PRA and those given access to his e-mail will be briefed.


Since his election, President Obama has been weary of the “bubble” of public life closing in on him. Under tight security and with no anonymity anymore, he says he wants to stay in touch with friends, family and “real life concerns.”


“I think we're going to be able to hang on to one of these,” he told CNN.  “I want to be able to have voices, other than the people who are immediately working for me, be able to reach out and ... send me a message about what's happening in America.”




Written by By BET.com News Staff


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