Horrific Accident Kills Pregnant MD Woman

Horrific Accident Kills Pregnant MD Woman

Published January 24, 2009

In a horrific accident in Prince George’s County, MD, just outside Washington, D.C., a wheel flew off of a truck, killing a pregnant motorist Wednesday afternoon. Channing M. Quinichett, 21-year-old a University of Maryland senior, was on her way to a prenatal appointment when the accident occurred.

“Half a second earlier, she’d be 44 feet ahead; half a second later, she’d be 44 feet behind,” Maryland State Police First Sgt. Russell Newell told the Washington Post.

The truck was being towed from Northern Virginia to central Maryland when one of its wheels became loose and fell off on the Capital Beltway, bouncing across a median, off the grill of a tractor trailer, across several lanes before crashing into Qunichett’s car, a Honda Civic.

“Channing should not have been killed. She was driving along the highway just as you and I and millions of other people do every day.

For that tire to fly off of that truck and strike her, something went wrong .Somebody didn’t screw a nut on tight enough or something,” Quinichett’s mother, Tracy, told the paper.

 Police are still investigating why the tire flew off.

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