NAACP Plans To Hold Obama’s Feet To The Fire

NAACP Plans To Hold Obama’s Feet To The Fire

Published February 4, 2009

The honeymoon is over. The NAACP celebrated Barack Obama’s inauguration in full swing, even throwing a ball to celebrate the first Black President. Now that he’s in office, the oldest civil rights organization in the country says it is ready to press the president on social issues.


"The president being Black gives us no advantage," NAACP President and CEO, Benjamin Todd Jealous, told the Associated Press yesterday. Jealous, 35, took the helm of the organization in September 2008.


“If he aspires to be the next Abraham Lincoln, I aspire to be his Frederick Douglass,” Jealous pushed.


Jealous, who heads the organization that will celebrate its 100th anniversary next week, says he holds Barack Obama to a high standard because of his background as a community organizer. Among the organization’s top priorities for the Obama administration are ensuring Blacks get a fair share of the stimulus package and bailout funds, Black unemployment, education, as well as crime and criminal justice issues in minority communities.





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