Girl Fight at D.C. High School Leads to Arrests

Girl Fight at D.C. High School Leads to Arrests

Published February 11, 2009

A lunchtime girl fight at Washington, D.C.’s Cardozo High School resulted in 16 students being arrested.

Police were called to the school Tuesday afternoon after hearing reports about a “large group of females engaging in just a big fight,” said a police official. “As a result of the large fight, several other melees began to erupt.”

The smaller fights were around the cafeteria and on the first floor. While the students ended up fighting in school, the beef might have actually started elsewhere.

“Evidently there was an incident that occurred after school [Monday] between some of the young ladies, and it spilled over into the school,” a D.C. police official said about the brawl. “All indications are it might have occurred over something as minor as somebody pulling somebody’s hair.”

Fifteen of the 16 students arrested are juveniles, and one is 18. Most of them were charged with disorderly conduct, although one was charged with misdemeanor assault on an officer.

Written by News Staff


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