Rihanna’s Dad Comes to Her Defense

Rihanna’s Dad Comes to Her Defense

Published February 18, 2009

Saying the rumor is a smear to discredit his daughter, singer Rihanna’s dad denies that he’s homeless.

Ronald Fenty rebuked media outlets that reported he lives out of a car in Barbados, though he admitted that he runs a mobile market from his vehicle “on the side…to keep me happy.”

Fenty was in the news recently assuring fans and the public that Rihanna is OK after an alleged beating at the hands of singer Chris Brown. TV clips revealed Fenty selling goods from the trunk of his car, but he says he has a home and that his daughter takes care of her family.

“It’s an attempt by them to shift the focus from Chris Brown,” Fenty says of the media. “Rihanna has done really well as a person from a small island and I know that she is up against the heavyweights, so they will do anything to discredit her.”

Rihanna has been in seclusion since the alleged incident between her and Brown over a week ago. She was said to have sustained “horrific” injuries, but the reason for her conflict with Brown hasn’t been confirmed.

Brown issued an apology on Sunday without directly addressing Rihanna. It wasn’t enough for some, though: Backlash against the pop star continued on Monday as a number of radio stations took him off their playlists.

Written by BET.com News Staff


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