Obama Tells U.S. Mayors Not To Waste Stimulus Bucks

Obama Tells U.S. Mayors Not To Waste Stimulus Bucks

Published February 20, 2009

Speaking in front of U.S. mayors, President Barack Obama told the city leaders that the almost $800 billion stimulus package was a huge opportunity for them – and they better not blow it. In fact, if they participate in wasteful spending, President Obama promised to “call them out on it,” reports The Washington Times.

“What I will need from all of you is unprecedented responsibility and accountability on all of our parts,” President Obama told the group. “The American people are watching. They need this plan to work. They expect to see the money they’ve worked so hard to earn, spent on its intended purposes.”

Each state is set to get billions of dollars in aid to fund government worker salaries, and other portions of the stimulus are dedicated to funding building roads and construction projects.

Many criticized the package, calling it exorbitant without actually creating jobs. In response, President Obama has come up with a few safeguards to make sure the money will be spent correctly.

The newly created Web site, www.recovery.gov will let U.S. citizens track how money from the package is being spent. Users will also be able to submit comments about whatever they think is wasteful spending. Also, in addition to his promise to call out federal, state and local agencies he believes are wasting stimulus money, Obama created a White House Office of Urban Affairs on Thursday to assist him with his city policies, reports the paper.

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