Rihanna’s Pop is Fuming Over Photo Release

Rihanna’s Pop is Fuming Over Photo Release

Published February 24, 2009

Rihanna's dad is steaming over the release of photos showing that his daughter was battered on Grammy night, allegedly by her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.

Much of his rage is directed at the Los Angeles Police Department. "Sloppy work on their part," Ronald Fenty told People.com via telephone from Barbados Friday, shortly after the photo appeared Thursday night on TMZ.com. 

But Fenty isn’t the only one venting. LAPD official are also looking for clues regarding who gave the Web gossip site the photograph.  In a statement issued this week, the department is asking for help finding any "information concerning the unauthorized release of the photograph."

LAPD Chief William Bratton told reporters that the force has launched an internal investigation into whether the photo is police evidence, and he is looking into how TMZ got the picture. His department may even pursue a felony conspiracy case against TMZ and anyone might have assisted it in getting the image.  

"We are not treating this lightly," Bratton said. "It's an embarrassment to this department if in fact evidence was leaked. It's going to be a very painful experience for any personnel from this department and possibly those who they may have engaged in a conspiracy with to violate the laws of California."     

Written by BET.com Staff


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