The Obamas Choose a Dog Breed

The Obamas Choose a Dog Breed

Published February 26, 2009

In one of the most anticipated decisions to come out of the White House since the Obamas moved in, the family has finally chosen the kind of dog set to become “First Pooch.”

In an interview with People, first lady Michelle Obama revealed that the family is looking for a rescue Portuguese Water Dog. The dog is due to arrive in the White House in April after daughters Sasha and Malia get back from their spring break trip.

“Temperamentally they’re supposed to be pretty good. From the size perspective, they’re sort of middle of the road – it’s not small, but it’s not a huge dog,” Mrs. Obama said of the breed. “And the folks that we know who own them have raved about them. So that’s where we’re leaning.”

While they’re set on a breed, getting everyone to agree on a name is a different story.

“Oh, the names are really bad,” said Ms. Obama on her daughters’ early choices. “I don’t even want to mention it, because there are names floating around and they’re bad. Frank was one of them. Frank! Moose was another one of them. Moose. I said, well, what if the dog isn’t a moose? Moose. I’m like, no, come on, let’s work with the names a little bit.”

In Friday’s edition of People, the first lady also talks about how her family spends time together in the White House.

“We have dinner as a family together every night, and Barack, when he’s not traveling, tucks the girls in,” she said.

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