Obama: $28 Billion in Road Building Will Create Jobs

Obama: $28 Billion in Road Building Will Create Jobs

Published March 3, 2009

The $28 billion from the stimulus package going to road-building across the United States will also serve to create or save 150,000 jobs by the end of 2010, President Barack Obama said during his first visit to the Department of Transportation Tuesday accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden.

“Transportation projects that were once on hold are now starting up again as part of the largest new investment in America’s infrastructure since President Eisenhower built the interstate highway system,” he said, reports The Associated Press.

And money from the stimulus, which was just signed last month, is already making its way to state road projects, he said. “We are seeing shovels hit the ground,” Obama told the audience of Department of Transportation workers. 

According to Obama, in the upcoming weeks states will kick off over 200 highway construction projects. He wants to make building and maintaining the country’s infrastructure a priority during his presidency.

“That’s the cause of my presidency and I need it to be your cause as well,” he said. In total, Obama expects his plan to create over three million jobs.


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