President Obama Hosts Heath Care Forum

President Obama Hosts Heath Care Forum

Published March 6, 2009

On Thursday, President Barack Obama invited 150 health experts to the first-ever White House Forum on Health Reform, reports the Washington Post.

President Obama warned that while the country can’t afford to wait for the badly needed health care reform, we should also be mindful of the costs of such an undertaking.

“Nothing is harder in politics than doing something now that costs money – in order to gain benefits 20 years from now,” the president told the group. “It’s the single hardest thing to do in politics and that’s part of the reason why health care reform has consistently broken down.”

Obama is considering all aspects of the issue because he doesn’t want to run into the same problems former First Lady Hillary Clinton did in her unsuccessful bid to change the health care system.

“If people think that we can simply take everybody who’s not insured and load them up in a system where costs are out of control, it’s not going to happen. We will run out of money,” Obama said.

He also indicated that while he’s passionate about providing health care for every American, the efforts would be doomed to failure should his administration not be strict about the costs or focused on the future 50 years from now and “making sure that our children are not bankrupted.”

Although starting the process will be difficult, universal coverage will pay off in the long run by reducing the current health care costs in the nation, he said. The president will make a $634 billion down payment to execute his plan over 10 years.

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