Did a Detroit Mayoral Candidate Lie About Getting an MBA?

Did a Detroit Mayoral Candidate Lie About Getting an MBA?

Published March 11, 2009

On Wednesday, Detroit mayoral hopeful Dave Bing had to take back his earlier statement that he’d earned a master’s degree in business administration because he never actually earned one.

Bing, an NBA Hall of Famer, said his statement wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

“I felt I had an MBA for the work I had done in the industry I was in. When I made references to an MBA it wasn’t that I went there and got it, but through what I had done,” Bing said in response to a Detroit Free Press piece revealing that he did not get an MBA from General Motors Institute, as he claimed on tape during a speech on the importance of education.

“I made reference to how important education was for players, active and retired, and young people,” he said reports the Associated Press.

But it wasn’t just an alleged MBA in question.

Bing also didn’t actually get his bachelor’s degree from New York’s Syracuse University in 1966 as he had previously stated, the Detroit Free Press reported.

In fact, after completing needed coursework, he got his degree in economics in 1995, according to university spokesman, Kevin Morrow.

Bing justified it as a small error that he didn’t find out about for 29 years until, in 1995, he learned he wasn’t listed as a graduate, reports the AP. Unbeknownst to him, he received an incomplete in one of his classes for not turning in a paper, leaving him just three credits away from graduating. 

He says he did turn in the paper in 1966, which led him to believe it was “a dead issue.”

Bing rewrote it in 1995, mailed it in and got his degree the same year.

Bing and Detroit’s interim Mayor Ken Cockrel Jr., who took over for Kwame Kilpatrick last year after he resigned amidst the “sex text” scandal, were the two leading candidates in last month’s primary.

On May 5, a runoff election will be held to determine who will serve the remainder of Kilpatrick’s term, which ends this year. The general election will be held in November.

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