Bush: Stand By the New President!

Bush: Stand By the New President!

Published March 19, 2009

In sharp contrast to other leading Republicans, former President George W. Bush said that he would love for President Obama to succeed and that all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, have a responsibility to lend him a hand.

"I love my country a lot more than I love politics," Bush said. "I think it is essential that he be helped in office."

Not only did Bush refuse to criticize Obama’s presidential decisions so far, but he said that the new commander in chief “deserves my silence.”

The former president’s comments counter those made by such Republican Party stalwarts as Rush Limbaugh, who has repeated his desire to see Obama “fail” in his efforts to revive the U.S. economy and transform American politics, and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney, who said recently that Obama’s policies were making the United States more vulnerable to terrorism.

Bush also revealed that he intends to write a book on the 12 toughest decisions he ever had to make as president.

"I want people to understand what it was like to sit in the Oval Office and have them come in and say we have captured Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, the alleged killer of a guy named Danny Pearl because he was simply Jewish, and we think we have information on further attacks on the United States," Bush said, without detailing what those 12 toughest decisions were.

Bush made his comments at the invitation-only event titled a "Conversation with George W. Bush." The gala drew about 2,000 guests who paid $3,100 per table.

Bush received two standing ovations from the predominantly business crowd.

"This is my maiden voyage. My first speech since I was the president of the United States, and I couldn't think of a better place to give it than Calgary, Canada," Bush said.

Written by BET.com News Staff


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