114-year-old Arrested on Drug Charges

114-year-old Arrested on Drug Charges

Published March 24, 2009

Many Nigerians are still scratching their heads over the arrest of a 114-year-old man who was allegedly caught with 100 bags of marijuana at his home.

An investigation began this weekend after Sulaimon Adebayo was taken into custody after drug agents reportedly followed a tip.

The elder has denied ownership of the cannabis, though it was allegedly discovered behind his house in the West African nation’s Ogun region.

“Imagine what could have happened if this drug had not been seized,” says Ogun government official Chinyere Obijuru. “Imagine the lives that would have been destroyed by this illicit drug.”

The elder’s bizarre arrest is the latest in a series of high-profile, marijuana-related incidents Nigerian investigators have handled: Just last November, Nigerian agents seized 30,000 kilos of cannabis from the Edo region. A few months earlier in June, the government seized its biggest single amount in one taking – 80 tons of cannabis from the city of Ibadan.

Written by BET.com News Staff


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