Vick Switches Attorneys

Vick Switches Attorneys

Published March 24, 2009

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who’s soon to be released from prison, has decided to switch up on defense attorneys.

Billy Martin, perhaps best known for such high-profile clients as Allen Iverson, Jayson Williams and Monika Lewinsky, is being replaced by Daniel Meachum, an original member of Vick’s defense team. Meachum has signed an exclusive three-year contract to represent Vick, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

“Yes, I’m representing Mike again,” said Meachum. “My concern is helping Michael get back to his family and surround him with people like Julius Erving, Tony Dungy and Bishop T. D. Jakes. We need people around him who can help him and his family get back on the right track. I’m more interested in that than anything else.”

Vick is scheduled to be released from federal prison to a halfway house in May. On July 21, he officially will be released from federal custody after a 23-month sentence for charges stemming from dogfighting. The NFL has suspended Vick, and the Falcons are seeking to trade his contract rights. His attorneys want the star quarterback reinstated.

“He has served his time,” Meachum told the newspaper. “He’s remorseful for his mistakes. I hope they give him another opportunity, but football will take care of itself.”

As for reports that Vick has been writing a book during his stint behind bars, Meachum said, “That may or may not be in the making. That would too premature right now. But I’m committed to helping Mike get back on his feet.”

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