Michelle Obama Enlists A-list Celebs to Speak to D.C. Area Students

Michelle Obama Enlists A-list Celebs to Speak to D.C. Area Students

Published March 26, 2009

First lady Michelle Obama has enlisted some serious star power to talk with girls from D.C. area schools Thursday about bringing their dreams to fruition through fruitful and meaningful careers. To mark Women’s History Month, Mrs. O. chose 21 prominent figures ranging from astronauts to opera singers.

The A-list line-up of Mrs. O.’s mentors includes Alicia Keys, astronaut Mae Jamison, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard and Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Dominique Dawes. The first stop on the school tour was Anacostia High School. Principal Rodney McBride told BET.com that he felt privileged that the first lady chose his high school over many others.

“I just think it speaks volumes about the first lady that she chose to meet the needs of this community, and came to Anacostia High School. What I saw on the faces of the students was that this lady truly touched them. It wasn’t about the adults, media, cameras; she truly made it about the children. Eventually she asked us to leave the room, so that she could speak to the kids one on one. That feels good as the instructional leader that she chose my children.”

This series of tours isn’t the first time Michelle Obama went out into the D.C. community to connect with the residents and students. White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers said in a past interview with BET that the Obamas are striving to make a more community-oriented, inclusive White House. 

“The Obamas are promising to change the way the executive mansion is viewed by the public. The President says he plans to make it more open and welcoming to ensure the White House truly is America’s house.”

Speaking to the girls about career choices is just one thing on Mrs. O.’s agenda to celebrate Women’s History Month today. After her tour of several schools, she’ll convene at the White House and host 100 D.C. area girls, who are at the top of their academic games, for dinner and entertainment. Want to dine with the first lady in the future? A lot more students will be striving for straight A’s in that effort.

Written by Angel Elliott, BET.com News Staff


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