Watch What You Wear In Botswana or Else...

Watch What You Wear In Botswana or Else...

Published April 2, 2009

Women in the southern African nation of Botswana call the country’s ban against tight or revealing work clothes “sexist.”

Government workers who show up to work wearing tight skirts or pants, sleeveless tops or clothing that reveal cleavage or backs could receive punishment, reports the BBC. The ban also includes headscarves and certain hairstyles.

The government argues that employees should be required to dress appropriately. But an official from a women’s group called Emang Basadi calls the rules sexist because they didn’t say “anything about tight trousers for men.”

A spokesman for the government said the dress code was for women and men.

This isn’t the first controversial decision coming from the government since President Ian Khama took office last year. During Khama’s tenure, Botswana has raised the beer tax by 70 percent and cut the nation’s bar drinking hours in an effort to lesson alcoholism.

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