Plastic Surgeon For Kanye West's Mom Loses Medical License

Plastic Surgeon For Kanye West's Mom Loses Medical License

Published April 13, 2009

The plastic surgeon who performed enhancement on Kanye West’s mom a day before she died has given up his medical license.

Although Jan Adams wasn’t held legally responsible for Donda West’s fatal complications, he has drawn other fire.

"A series of complaints were filed against Mr. Adams, but he chose to surrender his license instead of contest them," California Medical Board spokeswoman Candis Cohen said in a statement.

Among issues that surfaced in background investigations of Adams after the November 2007 incident were two DUI convictions. The doctor also reportedly failed to pay child support. His professional practice also reveals no less than four malpractice judgments against him from 2001 to 2007.

Donda West was a Chicago professor, who helped manage her superstar son’s career. She was rushed to the hospital from her home after complaining of pain and distress as she recovered from cosmetic surgery.

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