Chicago Radio Fans React to Tom Joyner’s Replacement

Chicago Radio Fans React to Tom Joyner’s Replacement

Published April 13, 2009

More than a few loyal listeners to the Tom Joyner Morning Show radio program are upset this week after the “TJMS” disappeared from their dial.

Chicago station V103 booted the long-time jock, in favor of comedian Steve Harvey’s syndicated broadcast. Harvey’s show was moved from WGCI, which is also a Clear Channel Radio station, leaving Joyner without a spot.

Harvey says he spoke with Joyner to be sure there was no bad blood. The comedian says he had nothing to do with the move.

“Tom found out on Monday,” Harvey says. “On Monday, I get a call from my manager saying we are leaving WGCI to go to V103…I say, ‘That's Tom's station,’ and he simply tells me that Tom's leaving.”

Responding to rumors that he dismissed concerns by Tom Joyner fans, Harvey said, "I'm just a hired gun. It's unfair when people think the radio guys have a say-so. We don't own the stations, " he told the Chicago Tribune. "Somebody should explain to the people that while you're boycotting, Tom Joyner is going to resurface in Chicago radio. If somebody would tell that to people, it would be better for people. But nobody's telling them."

Tom Joyner spent a number of the early years of his career in Chicago,  where he worked as far back as 1972. And his syndicated show was on the radio there for 13 years until it was moved to accomodate Harvey without much notice.

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